Country Pate - Duck Liver Pate

Country Pate - Duck Liver Pate

Duck Liver Pate

8 Lbs Duck or chicken liver
8 Lbs Mushrooms
4 Lbs Large white onion
1.25 cup Butter
2 TB Confit garlic paste
0.5 oz Fine chopped fresh rosemary
0.5 oz Fine chopped fresh thyme
3 TB Kosher
3 TB Pepper
8.25 cup Heavy cream

Country Pate Terrine

1 ea Duck Pate recipe
1 ea Hogs head from 300# carcass
5 TB Kosher
2.5 TB Pepper
2 TB Granulated Garlic
2 TB Onion Powder

The Pig and The Duck     

Pan roast liver until med well to well done, pan roast all veg until water content is very low, onions should be light brown, mix all ingredients in food processor until it's all a very fine paste. For mousse, strain mixture through very fine mesh. For Country Pate, cook the pork head wrapped in plastic wrap at 180 degrees for 20 hours. After pork cooks completely pick out any bone fragments or hard cartilage only and throw away. Mix all the pork, spices and all liquid and pate together at room temp (NOT HOT OR COLD) in a bowl mixer. Let set overnight in terrine molds.